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Asphalt paving is a great alternative to concrete, given its ability to be re-layered, making it a cost effective solution.  We specialize in paving new or resurfacing existing parking lots.  We pave small and large jobs, from strip malls to major distribution centers. We are equipped to complete your job regardless of its size.  We also offer residential asphalt paving services.

There are 3 necessary ingredients to building a great parking lot. Paving contractors start with a strong stone foundation, and then a good drainage plan. The final step is installing the proper amount asphalt. A typical car parking lot has 8” of stone base and 3.5” of asphalt. For heavier traffic the minimums increase to 10” of stone and 4.5” of asphalt.


• 8” of stone base will be installed and fine graded according to a drainage plan.

• We will use a laser to set the specified elevations and level the stone accordingly.

• Compaction of the stone ensures a solid foundation for the asphalt.

• Asphalt is installed in layers to allow for compaction.

• The first layer is 2” of “Binder” asphalt.

• The second layer is 1.5” of “Surface” asphalt.

• Each layer is placed with the paver and compacted to maximum density.


When a parking lot reaches the end of its life cycle it must either be resurfaced or replaced. This can be determined by the amount of shattered and failed areas. If the lot has shifted and settled there is stone base problem which must be addressed.



• 2” of pavement will be milled off from the existing parking lot.

• The millings will be loaded onto dump trucks and hauled off-site.

• Failed or shattered areas should be cut out and patched with binder asphalt.

• The area will be swept clean.

• A layer of liquid asphalt “tack” will be applied. This acts as glue for the new pavement.

• 2” of new asphalt surface will be paved in the prepared areas.

• The mix will be properly compacted.



• All of the existing pavement will be removed using an asphalt milling machine.

• The millings are loaded onto dump trucks and hauled off site.

• At this time we will inspect the drains to determine if any repairs are needed.

• We will also inspect the existing stone base.

     - If the stone base is failing or has significant soft areas this should be repaired.

     - Drainage problems should also be corrected at this time.

• 3 ½” of new hot mixed asphalt will be placed in 2 layers.

• The first layer will be 2” of binder asphalt.

• The second layer will be 1 ½” of surface asphalt.

• These are the final compacted thicknesses of each pavement layer.


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